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Thank you for your interest in performing at The Moon Rock! We're thrilled to hear from talented bands like yours who are eager to perform. To ensure a smooth booking process, please review the following guidelines when submitting your booking request:

  1. Band Name: Please state your band name in the subject line of your email. This helps us organize incoming inquiries efficiently.

  2. Live Performance Videos: Include links to at least two live performance videos showcasing your band's style and stage presence. 

  3. Band Description: Provide a brief description of your band, including your genre/style, influences, and any notable achievements or experiences. This gives us insight into what to expect from your performance and helps us tailor the lineup for our audience.

  4. Compensation Expectations: While we strive to provide fair compensation to all performers, it's helpful for us to know your expectations regarding pay. Please indicate your preferred compensation or let us know if you have a standard range for performing. We're always open to discussing arrangements that align with our venue's policies and budget.

Once you've gathered this information, please email us at with the subject line "Booking Inquiry: [Band Name]." We'll review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible regarding potential booking opportunities.

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